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254 S. Main Street
Suite 301
New City, NY 10956
TEL: 845-708-0340
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Asset Protection | Asset Preservation

There is a very fine line between protecting assets from creditors and committing fraud.   Before attempting to shelter assets from claims of creditors, is it important to consult with a professional to confirm that there will not be greater ramifications arising from a misguided attempt to preserve assets.  There are also some statutes which protect assets from claims of creditors but there must be strict compliance with the statutory provisions or rights will be lost.  

Who needs Asset Protection?

in light of the current economic times, the protection and preservation of one's assets has grown into a most important concern for many people, both personally and professionally.  In our present state of economy, the potential for creditors taking assets affects everyone from the very rich to those just starting out.

You need to consider consulting a professional such as Elizabeth A. Haas, Esq., to determine if your financial exposure can be minimized if: 
  • You are facing a lawsuit;
  • You are a debtor and/or a guarantor;
  • You have excessive credit card debt;
  • You are facing a potential tax liability or other government type of liability;
  • You have accumulated wealth, or are about to receive significant wealth (inheritances, investments or business success, winning the lottery);
  • The value of your home has been reduced to less than the amount of your mortgage;
  • The value of your retirement plan and/or your investment portfolio has dropped;
  • You are having problems in meeting your mortgage and/or other loan payments;
  • You are concerned about losing your job or your business;
  • You are in a profession with a high degree of liability (doctor, lawyer, financial advisor, landlord, real estate developer, real estate investor);
  • You are financially apprehensive about the viability of your business;
  • You have excessive business debt
  • If your home is your most valuable asset

Whatever the issue is, the Law Firm of Elizabeth A. Haas, Esq., PLLC can advise you on this very complex subject.

For more information, please Contact Us

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