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254 S. Main Street
Suite 301
New City, NY 10956
TEL: 845-708-0340
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Bankruptcy Attorney | Creditor's Rights Lawyer

In the complex specialized area of bankruptcy representation, the Law Firm of Elizabeth A. Haas, Esq., PLLC is recognized among the judiciary and practitioners as experience and skilled.

Whether as a person or entity seeking bankruptcy protection or as a creditor who has been affected by a bankruptcy filing, the Law Firm of Elizabeth A. Haas, Esq., PLLC offers prompt, effective representation in a cost effective manner.  

We can assist individuals facing mounting debt and analyze whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is the appropriate remedy.  For homeowners facing foreclosure the firm can advise on the highly successful loss mitigation programs offered in the bankruptcy court and assist a homeowner in retaining their residence.   

The firm also assists troubled businesses restructure its debts through the use of the complicated Chapter 11 process.    Numerous businesses have been assisted through the restructuring process and have been permitted to remain in business with the expertise of Elizabeth A. Haas.
Bankruptcy litigation is often fast paced and requires a complete understanding of rights of the Debtors and Creditors under both the Federal Bankruptcy Laws as well as New York State Law.   Elizabeth A.  Haas’ experience provides the client with quality representation in issues such as preferential and fraudulent transfers, claims objections, adequate protection and stay litigation issues.  Landlord protection is another area where Mrs. Haas’ competence is sought.
The new Bankruptcy laws can offer a client a ‘fresh start’ and the Law Firm of Elizabeth A. Haas, Esq., PLLC can guide you through the all the intricacies of the process.
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