Cases, Legal News, Settlements, Resolutions, obtained by Elizabeth A. Haas, Esq., PLLC

  • Mrs. Haas negotiated a resolution of Bankruptcy litigation relating to the validity and priority of competing mortgages which permitted the Chapter 13 Debtors to retain the family residence.
  • An objection to the dischargeability of a loan filed against a commercial mortgage broker was successfully defended by Elizabeth A. Haas, Esq. which permitted the Debtor to retain his license.
  • In several recent, complex, Chapter 11 cases of national import, Elizabeth A. Haas, Esq. assisted landlords whose leases were terminated to recover possession of the premises and to protect their claims for rent due both before and after the bankruptcy filing.
  • Elizabeth A. Haas, Esq., PLLC has confirmed a Chapter 11 reorganization which included the restructuring of a mortgage for a commercial office and industrial space in Wethersfield, Connecticut.
  • Mrs. Haas successfully negotiated a loan modification in a Chapter 13 proceeding for commercial property located in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Elizabeth A. Haas, Esq. has successfully obtained many loan modifications of residential mortgages in Rockland, Orange and Westchester Counties, New York.
  • Mrs. Haas represented numerous creditors and assisted counsel to the Creditor’s Committee in a complex Chapter 11 proceeding in New York where the principals of the Debtor defrauded the creditors. Upon confirmation a Trust Board was created for the purpose of liquidating the Debtor’s operations to ensure maximum recovery to the creditors.
  • A non-judicial dissolutions of several major contracting companies in the New York Metropolitan area was handled successfully by Elizabeth A. Haas, Esq.
  • The non-judicial dissolution of a car dealership was conducted by Mrs. Haas.
  • Conflicting jurisdictional issues between the Bankruptcy Court and the Rabbinical Court (a Bais Din) was successfully litigated, in favor of a Debtor, by Elizabeth A. Haas, Esq.
  • Mrs. Haas successfully confirmed a Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization filed by individuals which permitted them to dispose of unprofitable rental properties while retaining their family home.
  • Mrs. Haas has negotiated a deferred payment arrangement of outstanding tax liabilities with the Internal Revenue Service and the N.Y.S. Department of Taxation and Finance which permitted the company to remain in business.
  • Elizabeth A. Haas, Esq., PLLC represented a landlord in a bankruptcy of national impact and protected the rights of the Landlord as the Debtor sold its assets, including leases.
  • An objection to dischargeability filed by a creditor who alleged a business fraud was successfully defended by Elizabeth A. Haas, Esq., PLLC.
  • Mrs. Haas has successfully defended appeals from bankruptcy decisions in both the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York to protect the rights of creditors.
  • Elizabeth A. Haas, Esq., PLLC assisted a lender protecting its interests in multi-family property in a Chapter 11 proceeding.
  • In a case where the Debtor filed multiple bankruptcies in an effort to defraud creditors Mrs. Haas represented the mortgage lender. Ultimately the lender was able to proceed with foreclosure against the property which was worth in excess of $1,000,000.00.
  • A private lender, assisted by Mrs. Haas, was able to unravel fraudulent business transactions which resulted in a criminal prosecution against the individual who orchestrated the fraud.
  • Elizabeth A. Haas, Esq., PLLC represented a homeowners’ association and preserved its’ rights when other creditors of a Chapter 11 Debtor filed mechanics’ liens against the real property managed by the association.
  • Mrs. Haas has successfully assisted many Chapter 13 Debtors remove second mortgages on the family home as part of the restructure of debt in their bankruptcy proceedings.

The results achieved in any given case are dependent upon the specific facts and circumstances of the case. Elizabeth A. Haas, Esq., PLLC does not guarantee a specific result in any legal matter.